To obtain full particulars including telephone numbers and addresses of any of the  introductions, please contact Mrs Gurvinder Kaur Randhawa on 0208 578 4861  between 7pm to 8.30pm Monday to Friday.   Matrimonial Click here for Boys List Click here for Girls List Click here to download a new registration form “Living as a Gurmukh, I have met Him with  simple ease. My mind and body are full of sweet  delight. I am pleasing to God - and night and day  I lovingly focus my awareness on the One. I have  merged with my Lord and Master and all my  desires are fulfilled. The Lord’s Name resounds  and reverberates within me and all around me.  The One God, my Lord and Master, merges with  His Divine Bride and her heart blossoms with His  Holy Naam. Nanak proclaims that in this fourth  round, we have become One with the Eternal  Lord” (Fourth Lavan)