The   Khalsa   Jatha,   British   Isles,   London   was   formed   in   the   year 1908,    to    promote    religious    and    social    activities    among    the Sikhs   who   had   settled   in   the   UK.   Later   in   the   same   year   it   was affiliated   to   the   Chief   Khalsa   Diwan,   Amritsar.   In   1911   the Jatha   acquired   a   house   in   Putney   (South   London)   for   a   period of   2   years.   The   opening   ceremony   was   performed   by   Maharaja Bhupindra   Singh   of   Patiala.   In   1913   the   Jatha   bought   the   lease of   79   Sinclair   Road,   Shepherd   Bush,   London.   Where   the   Jatha remained for 63 years. From   1931   to   1950   the   Khalsa   Jatha   made   good   serving   the   still small   Sikh   community.   In   1953   weekly   diwans   started   and   in   1954   a   full   time   Granthi   was employed. As    funds    were    raised,    the    Jatha    purchased    a    building    known    as    Norland    Castle, Queensdale   Road,   London,   in   the   Royal   Borough   of   Kensington   &   Chelsea   and   in   1969   the Jatha   moved   into   the   building   where   the   Gurdwara   now   stands.   The   domes   were   added in the early 1990's while a further programme of refurbishment began in 2000.
Established 1908 Charity no.: 258324
79 Sinclair Rd (1930)
A more detailed account of the history of the Khalsa Jatha can be obtained in a book titled “Khalsa Jatha British Isles 1908 - 2008” by Peter Bance, Gurpreet Singh Anand and Sukhbinder Singh Paul. A copy can be obtained at the Gurdwara Sahib or the usual on-line retailers.